Bug Report

Nobody tries to get a spider mite infestation, but it still happens. The Bug Report card helps you track a pest pressure in your garden and see it through to resolution.

Get started by adding a task and selecting Bug Report.

Then you'll see this on your task feed:

The Bug Report card collects:

  • Type of Pest/Disease - Just tap to select from the list
  • Set the Severity of the infestation
  • Identify the location in your garden - Face with your back to the main entrance to keep consistent reference
  • Make some Notes about your observations.
  • Take Photos! This is especially important when working with a team.

Record a Treatment

Botana automatically recommends logging a Treatment.

Just tap the +Treatment button and you'll see a card like this:

Now the magic happens

Over the next few days Botana will remind you to check the problem and work toward a resolution.

Tap Resolved if the bugs are gone. Take a few photos and make notes to confirm your observations.

Tap Still Active if the bugs are still there. Update observations with Severity, Location, Notes and Photos.

This will continue every day until you have solved the problem.

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