Feeding Card

Entering data is fast and easy. You can only add one feeding card per day. This is important for comparing inputs on different GroLogs. 

If you are feeding two different mixes in the same room, you should use two different GroLogs.

The Feeding card collects:

  • Reservoir
    • Strength (EC/PPM500/PPM700)
    • Balance (pH)
    • Volume (G/L)
  • Optional: Reservoir Temperature (F/C)
  • Optional: Runoff
    • Volume (G/L)
    • Strength (EC/PPM500/PPM700)
    • Balance (pH)

Filling out the Feed card:

  1. Tap on a field to enter a value
  2. Enter the value on the keypad
  3. Tap another field or use the < > buttons to move to the next field
  4. When done, tap the check button
  5. Clear a field with the X button 
  6. Learn about converting units of measurement
Tap +Feeding to quickly add your daily metrics.

Fill out the Volume of water, pH Balance and Strength (EC or PPM) of the solution.  
Optionally add the reservoir water temperature.
Checking your runoff after feeding can indicate over-feeding or problems in your root zone.

More data is better for future trouble-shooting.

Validation Rules (red text means something is wrong)

  • Low must be lower than High value
  • Strength range: 0 - 8.0 EC, 0 - 50 PPM500, 0 - 5600 PPM700
  • Balance range: 4.0 - 10.0 pH
  • Reservoir size range: no limits

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