Environment Card

Entering data is fast and easy. If you use and automatic environment sensor, tell us so we can build an integration.

The Environment card collects:

  • High/Low Temperature (F/C)
  • High/Low Relative Humidity (%)
  • Optional: High/Low CO2 (PPM)

Filling out the Environment card:

  1. Tap on a field to enter a value
  2. Enter the value on the keypad
  3. Tap another field or use the < > buttons to move to the next field 
  4. When done, tap the check button
  5. Clear a field with the X button
  6. Learn about converting units of measurement
Tap +Environment to quickly add your daily metrics.

CO2 is optional. If you add it once in a GroLog, Botana won't ask again.

Fill out the daily high and lows for Temperature, Humidity and CO2.

Unless you see red, you're card is complete!

Validation Rules (red text means something is wrong)

  • Low must be lower than High value
  • Temperature range: 32 - 122 F, 0 - 50 C
  • Humidity range: 20% - 100%
  • CO2 range: 300 - 4000
  • Minimum to be complete: High/Low Temperature, High/Low Humidity

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