Photos are the most important part of your GroLog. Data is empty without visual reference of your plants on each day of your grow. To get the most value from Botana, take a few photos each day. Ideally, from the same angle and parts of the room each day. That way you can track growth and micro-changes as they occur.

It's also helpful to catalog problems, like disease and pests to track exactly when they appear and the severity of pressure. Sending these photos linked with your environmental and feeding data helps consultants and product companies to easily diagnose and recommend.

NOTE: If you want to add Photos (and why not!) you need to enable permissions in your phone. When Botana prompts for access to your Camera or Library, say yes.

Botana Photos and Photo Gallery

Photo Rules

  • Past - Upload from your phone library only (filtered by date)
  • Today - Take new photos upload from your phone library
  • Future - No photos allowed. We restrict when you can take and upload to maintain data integrity. You are able to add date-specific images to any GroLog on any past day. It even works if someone texts or emails you a photo from the past!

Taking Photos with the Camera

You can take as many photos as you like. More photos means more accurate Prologs.

  1. Tap on the camera icon on your day log view.
  2. Line up those beautiful ladies (or males for the breeders) in the full frame camera.
  3. Tap the shutter button in the bottom middle.

Note: sometimes there is a little lag depending on your phone...the photo is taken right when you tap.

Go ahead, take another!

Take a Photo

Uploading Photos from your Library

You can upload as many photos as you like. More photos means more accurate GroLogs.

  1. Tap on the camera icon on your day log view.
  2. Tap the Photo Library button at the bottom right.
  3. Pinch to zoom and position the photo exactly where you want.
  4. Tap the check button in the bottom middle.

Upload a Photo

Viewing your Photos 

On the day log view, your photos are actually full screen. If you want to see those luscious flowers, swipe down on the HUD to the Photo Gallery.

Swipe left and right to view all the photos for that date.

NOTE: Currently you can't remove photos that have been added or rearrange. We are working on this, please be patient! Give us some feedback so we can make this a great experience for you.

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