Unit Conversions

Botana makes it easy to convert from one unit of measure to another. No more calculators!!

How to convert units

  1. Tap in the field you wish to convert
  2. Tap the unit of measure just above the keyboard
  3. Tap the desired unit of measure
  4. Tap the check mark to save the value

Supported units

Nutrient mix strength
  • EC - Electrical Conductivity (millisiemens) 
  • PPM500 - Parts Per Million (common in USA)
  • PPM700 - Parts Per Million (common in Europe/Australia)

We currently don't support the less-common PPM640.  Let us know if you'd like it added.

Reservoir size
  • L - Liters
  • G - Gallons
  • C - Celcius
  • F - Fahrenheit

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