Navigating GroLogs

Botana GroLogs are designed quick and efficient navigation. Your most important information is just a tap or swipe away!

Heads Up Display (HUD) 

When you open a GroLog the first thing you see is the Heads Up Display ("HUD") for today.

Exception: For completed or future GroLogs you will see the date completed or start date respectively.

Meta Data

The bottom part of the screen shows you the most critical information for the day you are viewing.

Progress Bar

Just below your photo gallery is your GroLog progress bar that includes:

  • GroLog name - make sure this name makes sense!
  • Date you are viewing
  • Day indicator (round button with the big number--more on this below)
  • Week of GroLog

Using the Day indicator

This is how you quickly move through dates in your GrowLog:

  • When you are on Today, the number will be bright white. 
  • Other days it's faded to gray. 
  • Single tap to open a calendar view of the entire GroLog.
  • Double-tap to jump back to Today. 
  • When you export a photo to Instagram, this indicator shows your followers the GroLog progress. 

Task Management

Swipe up on the Progress Bar to work on tasks.

Photo Gallery

The top part of the HUD is your photo gallery. Botana let's you store unlimited high resolution photos. Learn more about  taking and importing photos. After taking a few photos of your garden, swipe left and right to move through the Photo Gallery. Photos are recorded by date to maintain accurate records.

Swipe down on the the Progress Bar to see your beautiful full-screen photos!

Navigating dates 

Move quickly forward and backward in time by swiping left or right on the meta data. This is useful when you need to reference the last feeding or recent VPD in your room.

Double-tap the day indicator to jump back to today.

Action buttons 

Botana DayLog Action buttons

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