Start A GroLog

A GroLog is a grouping of plants that have the same environment and inputs. This might be a room, a field, or a section of a room with a single strain. It is flexible to use however you organize your garden.

Start a GroLog 

From the GroLog list the + button at the top right of the screen. 

  1. Choose your plant growth stage. Growth stage can not be changed later.
  2. Name your GroLog: Pick a name that helps you organize by location, strain, experiment, or something else that makes sense to you (eg. "Bloom Room 3", "Clone Batch 03-15")
  3. Choose the Start Date and Expected Duration: Duration is just an estimate and may be changed later if your plants need more or less time before closing.

  1. Add Strains: Click here to learn about adding strains to your GroLog.
  2. Tap the Save button at the top right to start your GroLog!

GroLog Details

You can add other details about your garden like lighting and growing media.

  • Type of grow: Indoor, Greenhouse or Outdoor
  • Light cycle
  • Lighting type
  • Wattage

Growing Medium
  • Media type
  • Container size


The strains you see on this screen are currently selected as part of your GroLog.

Delete by tapping the red circle.

Add more by tapping Add Strain and reading these instructions.

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