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  • Fill reservoir with water (filtered preferred, but not required)
  • Add HEAVY 16 products in order listed on feed chart (shake each bottle well)
  • Rinse measuring cup after dosing each individual product
  • Do not use airstones in reservoir: gentle circulation is preferred
  • HEAVY 16’s natural and mineral formulation is Grower-Engineered™ for mL per gallon dosing versus EC/PPM dosing
  • For accuracy and optimum fertility, mixing at recommended rates will yield best results


  • When using HEAVY PRIME with HEAVY 16 nutrients, do not adjust pH: 5.5 – 6.5pH is an acceptable starting range
  • Ideal irrigation will produce 10% runoff with a pH rise of approximately 0.5
  • If runoff pH rise is higher than 0.5, plants require more frequent or longer feedings


  • For mother plants, use VEG Week 2 dosage
  • For longer VEG cycle, duplicate VEG Week 2 dosage until BUD
  • For longer BUD cycle, duplicate BUD Week 6 dosage. When ready, resume with BUD Week 7 onward

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